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Why Multi-Room AV for your home?

Our Multi-room audio-visual solutions can be set up to give you access to TV, film, and music from any room in the house. You can instantly access your entire music and film collection without having to scrabble around through piles of CDs or DVDs. You can even create your own personal playlist. And why not store and view all of your digital photos from one central library? Pause, rewind and record your favourite TV shows with the touch of a button. With your smartphone, you can even record programmes when you’re not even at home.

Smarta way to bring your home to life

By utilising the most advanced technology available in the home automation industry, we work with you to provide bespoke Multi-Room AV systems that satisfy any audio visual requirements at a competitive rate.
Our technicians will discretely position or hide speakers in any area of your home and garden. These speakers can be easily controlled through your touch panel, TV, remote control or even your smartphone or tablet using Control4 software. All wires will be concealed out of sight and speakers can be tastefully decorated to suit your decor. We can even make the speakers invisible, whilst maintaining a high quality sound to compliment your media.

Benefits of Multi Room AV


Media Library Access

Instantly access your entire music and video collection without having to search for lost CDs and DVDs


Music / TV Control

Choose and control music, TV or video simultaneously in multiple rooms with no loss of quality


No Wires

Tidy up the unsightly wires and connections and have less A/V equipment all over the house – you’re A/V equipment can all be housed in one central location

Different sounds in different rooms

Music If you just want an audio solution to play your music throughout your house then a simple Multi-room audio installation is all you will need in order to listen to one or all of your audio appliances (CD, DVD, Digital or MP3)

Satellite or cable TV Smarta can install a system that enables you to access one or more of your satellite or cable set-top boxes from any room in your home

Entertainment Equipment All In One Place A Multi-room audio-visual solution centrally locates your entertainment equipment giving your home clutterless box free feel. With a Multi-room A/V solution, you can control any source you wish from any room and multiple sources from multiple rooms whilst at the same time freeing up space otherwise taken up by numerous entertainment devices.


Need to know more?

At Smarta we pride ourselves on working with customers to create the perfect multi-room audio visual system for any sized project. Contact us today through our contact page, Email us enquiries@thinksmarta.co.uk or call 02920 006 588 to discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.

Multi-Room A/V: Warranty and Support

All new home automation installations come with a 12 month’s guarantee. All equipment and components supplied will be accompanied with their manufacturer’s warranty. If you require additional warranty this can be arranged for a nominal fee.