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Automated Heating Control for the modern home

Keep each room in your home at the perfect temperature. Save energy and money and keep everyone in the family happy. If you can’t be comfortable in your own home, where can you be? We all want to be warm enough to relax, but none of us want to waste energy and money by heating rooms we don’t use.

We can design heating control systems that can be used to control the temperature in each room of your home without complicated valves and individual thermostats. You can have your heating programmed to come on and off at any time of day or night in any room of the house.

Benefits of Automated heating control

Automated Heating control systems can be used to adjust your heating system automatically to temperature changes inside and outside your home to achieve optimal performance, comfort and environmental efficiency.
One of the significant advantages of an automated heating control system is that you can control your heating system remotely using your smartphone, tablet or a PC – this enables you to turn heating on or off from work or when on holiday ensuring your house is warm and you have hot water ready when needed.

Why Have Automated Heating Control?


Mobile Control

Control your heating from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop with Control4. Save money by checking your heating is switched off when your away from home.


Save Money

Schedule your heating to come on and off at given times in the day - saving you money while keeping your house warm and cosy.


Environmentally Friendly

Using automated heating control not only saves you money but also helps the environment.

Save the environment and your wallet

With today’s rising energy and service costs, home and business owners need more from their building control and management systems to help to both reduce bills and lower carbon emissions, providing a more environmentally friendly building. Heating control systems such as nest can also be combined with green technology such as geothermal heat pumps, photovoltaic cells, solar panels and wind turbines to help reduce.


Need to know more?

At Smarta we pride ourselves on working with customers to create the perfect bespoke heating control system for any sized project. Contact us today through our contact page, Email us enquiries@thinksmarta.co.uk or call 02920 006 588 to discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.

Heating control designed for you

At Smarta Construction & Technology we understand the importance of providing the appropriate heating control systems for your home. Because of this, we work with you to provide a custom designed heating control system that meets your individual requirements. With over ten years’ experience in the heating control industry Smarta Construction & Technology can install a home automation system that integrates an intelligent heating system (such as Nest, Heatmiser, Hive or Honeywell) with a ventilation system, air conditioning, solar panel system or gas and electric fire systems – all of which can be accessed and controlled from a click of a button on a touchscreen, smartphone or tablet.