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Home Automation for Architects & Developers

Are you a property developer working on a new project or a hotel looking to give your customers the best experience possible? Smarta have the right solution for you. Home Automation can provide a unique selling point to any new development. Smarta have installed home automation systems in many new build flats and houses, giving the eventual home owner the option to add additional automated devices in the future.

Add Value With Home Automation

The home automation industry has grown significantly over the past 3 years with more and more home owners and property developers seeing home automation as not only a great way to bring their homes to life, but also a great way of adding value to gain a competitive advantage in the property market. By installing home automation systems, not only will properties become more functional but the system will also make properties more energy efficient – saving home owners money in the process.


Lighting Control

Save energy by monitoring your energy consumption with a lighting control system


Heating Control

Are you wasting money on heating empty rooms? Use heating control to monitor and control your heating output for your place of work


Security for your business

Protect your business with perimeter, CCTV and intruder security systems from Smarta

Thinking Ahead With Control4

The growth in mobile digital technology has led to smart electronics playing a central role in our daily lives. Because of this automation has become an essential consideration for any new build development. Smarta Construction & Technology uses the comprehensive range of Control4 features to making it possible to control virtually any appliance or device in your home or business using touch screen control panels, smartphones or tablet devices.


Need to know more?

At Smarta we pride ourselves on working with customers to create the perfect bespoke home automation system for any sized project. Contact us today through our contact page, Email usenquiries@thinksmarta.co.uk or call 02920 006 588 to discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.

Why Smarta Construction & Technology?

With over 10 years experience within the smart home automation industry, Smarta Construction & Technology have worked with a number of Architects and Developers to pre-install a range of home automation systems into both new build and existing developments.

Businesses and Developers work with Smarta Construction & Technology because of our outstanding track record for installing high quality, reliable and efficient bespoke automation systems at a competitive price.

As a licensed installer of industry leading automation system Control4, there are few limits to what can be achieved when designing and installing a automation system.

Lighting control, heating control, multi-room audio, home cinema and smart security are all easily controlled through either in-wall or portable touch screens, or by using Android or Apple smartphones or tablets.